Homeschool Attendance Tracker

Planning for next school year? Attendance tracking is a must!!

It is hard to believe summer is half way over already. It seems like June flew by – and July is here! As a homeschool mom, that means it is time to start planning for next school year! With planning comes organization. One of the big things that you have to do in organizing your homeschool is to have a system in order to keep track of your child’s attendance. … Continue reading

Why I Wear Blue

I am wearing blue- and here is why. It is deeper then you think.

I live in South Carolina. I am southern. Born and raised in the south. I drink sweet tea, I love my flip flops, the beach is my second home. I am not racist. I believe in love- Love covers a multitude of sin. I believe in forgiveness- For God extended forgiveness to me, when I did not deserve it. I believe in unity- Unity that ties our hearts around the … Continue reading

Little House on the Prairie – A Review

A review on the new Little House on the Prairie DVDs!

I absolutely love Little House on the Prairie. When I was a little girl I would watch the show any time it came on. I remember pretending to be Laura when I would play outside. I read the books from cover to cover- multiple times over. So when I found out the series was coming out again for it’s 40th Anniversary – with all new special features, I was so … Continue reading

The Woman I Don’t Want To Be {Proverbs 6-10}

Confession. I have been her. But I don't want to be.

Confession. I have been her. Not in the literal sense, but in a spiritual one. I have been the woman of Proverbs 7. A foolish and sinful woman, who has used her words to manipulate. Who has batted eye lashes. I have been her. The woman that is mentioned in Proverbs 9 who is loud seductive and simple. I have been her. As women, we all probably have been… No, … Continue reading

5 Ways To Overcome Vacation Bible School Fatigue

Do you have Vacation Bible School coming up? Try these ways to overcome the fatigue!

Anyone who has ever been a voulenteer for Vacation Bible School knows the fatigue that comes with it. You are pouring into the lives of the children that God has sent to your church. You are dancing, singing, crafting, and sharing the love of God. By the mid point of the week – the exahustion starts to kick it. If you are not careful – that exahustion will begin to … Continue reading

On the Path of Wisdom (Proverbs 1-5)

On our path of life- we need wisdom. How do we get it? Proverbs 1-5

I know a lot of people who have a lot of knowledge. They have studied hard and learned as much as they can. However, I can’t say I know a lot of wise people. Wisdom is something that most have associated with an older generation – yet God’s Word tells us what wisdom truly is- and that there is protection in it. Knowledge is simple- it is knowing something. I … Continue reading

Spending Time With Your Spouse

We need to make sure we are spending time with our spouse consistently

How do you spend your time? I spend a lot of time investing in my children, cleaning my house, and working. However, there is one person who deserves my time. I need to spend time with my spouse. When I met my husband, I met my best friend. As we sit here, we are watching the movie Up.┬áIf you haven’t seen the movie, it tells the tale of a couple … Continue reading

Love, Honor and Cherish

Learning to love, honor and cherish our husbands

A few weeks before my wedding, I sat down with pen and paper, and a list of scripture. I had decided I was going to write my own vows. I knew I wanted more than the traditional words. I wanted to vow the Words that God commanded in scripture. But, I started with the traditional vows (which we would also say): I, Mandy, take you Scott, to be my husband, … Continue reading

Battling For My Marriage

There is a battle going on for marriage.

I love watching a good battle movie with my husband. I love the historical side of it while he loves the action. When we watch these movies, we are often reminded that there is a real, spiritual battle going on around us. The same is true for our marriages. The battle is real – and getting stronger every day. Marriage is hard work. Each day, two individual people strive – … Continue reading