Words have power in our life- and a careless word can wound forever. Have victory over the words you speak!

We all want positive words spoken to us and over us, right? But, what about those times when something comes out of our mouth that should never have been said? I’ve said my share and I’ve had my share said to me … they can destroy. Some Careless Words You’ll never amount to anything You […]

No matter what is going on in life, we need to hold on to our faith. Our God is never changing!

Holding On To Faith

Today, we have Melinda from My Life Being Renewed joining us to talk about holding on to faith.  Melinda writes: We have all been there. That feeling when all you want to do is throw in the towel and give up. It’s just too much and you’re tired of trying so hard, only to feel […]

Motherhood. It can cause a lot of emotions. Here are 4 that define my motherhood- and maybe yours too!

4 Emotions That Define Motherhood

Evelyn from A Miracle in My Living Room writes: How does one prepare to be a mother? Read books? Ask questions? Babysit? Work at a daycare center? Take a course? You can do all these things and get some head knowledge on the subject. However, nothing truly prepares you for the wide range of emotions […]

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8 Ways To Teach Your Child Diligently

One of my favorite passages in all of scripture is Deuteronomy 6. It is one of those passages that is underlined, circled, highlighted with notes all around it in my Bible. When I go to flip to Deuteronomy, it opens to chapter 6. Yes, I certainly love this passage – and have clung to it […]


30 Verses of Encouragement For Mothers

I don’t think there is a mom in history who hasn’t faced discouragement on some level. But it seems that this generation of moms faces it on a specific level. This is the information age, and when it comes to motherhood I would argue that at times we have too much information. While it can […]

Prayer doesn't always come in neat packages. Sometimes, it can be quite messy - but always powerful!

The Power of Messy Prayer

Why did she have to be so mean? I had only phoned to show my concern and to see if I could help. Clearly I had said the wrong thing. “What’s that got to do with you?” came the sharp retort. Her words whipped across my heart like a sharp knife. I know we were […]

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God’s Goodness in Leviticus

In 2015 I wrote an entire series on the book of Leviticus! It was a great series and got lots of attention! Today, I am happy to share this guest post on Leviticus. I hope that it will be a blessing to you! Amanda writes: The deeper I dive into Leviticus the more I have […]

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When Your A Child of God, DNA Doesn’t Matter

Today, we have another post from Erin Johnson of The No Drama Mama. Erin writes: I recently had a bomb dropped in my life; the kind of revelation that changes you forever if you aren’t already deeply rooted in your identity as a Christ follower. I received a letter and then a phone call in […]

What is salvation? Why do I need it? We throw around these terms- but many don't know what they even mean! Join me, as we look deeper into what salvation is!

What is Salvation

In Christian world, we throw around terminology like everyone we know was raised in church. We use words like “saved”, “salvation” and “born again” like they were every day terms. They are. To us. But to those who have not been raised in the church, those words have other meaning. What are we saved from? […]

Fear stops us from doing thing God calls us to do. Faith is stepping out - over fear- and doing it anyway. Faith brings victory over fear - every time.

Faith: The Victory Over Fear

If there is one thing that the enemy uses over and over again in my life to stop me in my tracks, to keep me from bringing glory to God, and stops me from doing the things that God has called me to do – it is fear. Fear that I will fail. Fear of […]

Rest is so important. God made the Sabbath for us to rest- and we need to be obedient! See why resting is an act of obedience to the Lord!

Sabbath Rest: It’s About Relationship

We’ve seen it and we’ve done it. No work on Sunday, it’s God’s time. Why do we think this way? Why do we pin a particular day on spending time with God? I believe it came from just reading about it in the Old Testament and then traditions of man. What does Sabbath mean to […]

Jesus Christ - Who is he really? What makes Him different? Christianity is based on this central man- so we should know who He is.

Who Is Jesus Christ?

What makes Christianity different then any other religion? We hold to a high moral standard, we live by a book, we claim to have a powerful God. Yet, many other religions in the world claim some of these same things – and honestly, some even live out their faith in more real and tangible ways. […]

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April Family Scripture Memory Challenge: By Grace Through Faith (KJV and ESV)

The April Family Scripture Memory Challenge is here!   April Family Scripture Memory Challenge: Grace Through Faith This month, we are going to memorize- as a family- as passage that goes right along with our Scripture Writing Challenge of Who We Are in Christ. The most important things we are in Christ is saved by […]

April Scripture Writing Challenge: Come join us to learn more about our identity in Christ!

April Scripture Writing Challenge: Who I Am In Christ

Spring is here- and everything is blooming! We see the beauty of God as all things are made new again after the winter! Christ has risen, and we have been made new as well! As Christians, it is so important that we know who we are in Christ Jesus. The Bible has much to say […]

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The Day Before Good Friday

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today? Loaded question, I know. Yet, that is where we find ourselves. Here, just 24 hours away from the cross. The last hours of Jesus life. Everyone focuses on Good Friday- as they should. If there was no Good Friday -we wouldn’t […]

Terrorism is all around us. The world is filled with evil. Yet, we need to remember that God has called us to something greater - and that involves prayer.

A Prayer for Terrorist

Today, my friend Erin, from The No Drama Mama is joining us and sharing a powerful prayer for Terrorist- specifically ISIS. Her perspective is amazing and I simply adore her writing! Be sure to check her out! This post was originally featured at No Drama Mama A Prayer for Terrorist: Specifically ISIS Whenever I’m compelled to […]