Monsterific Measurement Pack *Free*

Free Measurement and Weight Pack!

Measurement is such a vital skill that we can teach our children. What is even more fun is learning to measure with these super cute monsters! In this great pack, you get to learn measurement and weight with fun little monsters. This pack is great for ages 4-9. The other great thing about this pack, like most of our packs, it incorporates both math and reading! This pack is free … Continue reading

Summer Bible Study – Proverbs and Song of Solomon with Good Morning Girls!

Come join us as we study the book of Proverbs this summer!

I have been loving the community of women who are joining together each day to study the Bible. There is nothing better then building community around things that will last- and the Word of God is eternal – and the relationships built around that Word are so important.That is why I am happy to announce that Worshipful Living will continue to Blog Through the Bible with Good Morning Girls! Summer … Continue reading

Mean Girl Makeover (Series Review and Giveaway)

Come check out the books about mean girls! We have all known one!

Have you ever dealt with mean girls? I think we all did at least once- most of us, probably dealt with them in middle school and high school. I had my share of mean girls when I was younger – and if I were honest, I was probably a mean girl to someone else. I had the privilege of reading the Mean Girl Series with my 14 year old. I … Continue reading

An Ending and A Beginning

When something old ends- something new, and often beautiful, can begin

Endings are never easy  – no matter what lays on the other side, we struggle with endings. As students, we look forward to graduation – and than we are sad that we won’t be with our friends anymore. As we prepare for marriage, we are excited to spend the rest of our lives with our spouse- but we know we leave behind a season of freedom. Careers, children, books- we … Continue reading

Spiritual Leadership (Leviticus 21-22)

Spiritual Leadership is important - in the Old Testament and Today

No matter what we are doing in life, leadership is a part of it. It begins in our homes – husbands are called to be the leader of them. Mamas, we are not left far behind as we help lead and direct our children. Some of us are called to be teachers, we might work outside the home. There is leadership in sporting events, school and even in the church. … Continue reading

Whipped Strawberry Cream Cheese Cups

Whipped Strawberry Cream Cheese Cups

These Whipped Strawberry Cream Cheese Cups were a lot of fun to make. They were also a special surprise for my family, particularly my husband who thinks cream cheese is the best thing since, well, anything. Having bought strawberries on sale, I knew I wanted to make a special treat with them.  I typically make a Strawberry Pie with an abundance of strawberries, however, I knew I wanted to put an extra … Continue reading

Having a Mission For Your Summer

Summer is coming- have a mission for your summer!

Summer is just around the corner. For most of us, especially our children, that means more free time. It is real easy to let summer time come and go and not take advantage of that extra time to really give our children an opportunity to love, grow and serve in the community around them. I am big on mission statements. Our marriage has one, our family has one, my blog … Continue reading

Summer Activity Draw Box

Are you looking for ways to pull your children away from their screens and out into the sunshine? Make a Summer Activity Draw Box and fill it with fun outdoor activities!

It’s the dichotomy of summer break. Kids wait all year for summer break, and then half-way through summer they’re bored and don’t know what to do. It’s enough to drive you crazy because you spend half your time trying to pull them away from the T.V. or tablet, and the other half dreaming up physical activities that will interest them. This year I had the idea to make a Summer … Continue reading

Try Something NEW This Summer *Free Download*

New can be GOOD!

May is one of my favorite times of the year. I think it goes back to being a kid and knowing that the end of school and the freedom of Summer are right around the corner! I found this quote by Dr. Seuss and I absolutely adore it–so much so that I decided to create this cute kite image to go with it! If you never did, you should. These … Continue reading

The Importance of Law and Judgement (Leviticus 19-20)

Does the law matter? What about judgement? Leviticus 19-20

No one wants to talk about judgement. We live in a culture where we don’t want anyone to tell us what to do, when to do it, or that there is a price to be paid when we don’t do things the way we should. Although as believers we are no longer living under the law of the Old Testament, it is a moral compass, and it does point to … Continue reading