Are you having trouble thinking of what to get the people in your life this Christmas? I know that it can be a hard decision – and sometimes, the people in your life don’t always give you the best ideas! Here are some great ideas that the whole family will love! Christmas Gift Ideas for […]


15 Things I am Thankful For in 2015

With Thanksgiving coming, our hearts begin to think of the things that we are thankful for. We think back through our basic blessings, and praise God for them. Then, we begin to really look into our year, into how our lives have changed. We can see how the Almighty has protected, planned and provided for […]

Worshipful Wednesday1

I Prayed For You (With Link Up)

February 13 might be an ordinary day for most people. For me – it is a day that changed my life. I didn’t know it- but it was the day my third child was born. I didn’t know my third child was born that day. Actually- I didn’t know any of my children were born. […]

Christmas wooden background with snow fir tree and holly berry

Preparing My Heart for the Holidays

Every year it happens. I have an expectation of how I think Thanksgiving or Christmas should go. I have it all planned out- ¬†in my planners, in my head, on paper. I shop, I organize, and I prepare. Yet, just as I have an expectation each and every year, I also end up a little […]

Model the woman with the phone against the wall of the building

Is Facebook Killing Your Testimony

We live in a world driven by social media. As a blogger, I will be the first to admit I spend a fair amount of time on social media- both for pleasure and for work. Lately, Facebook has become a place where I dread going – because all that I see on there is Christians […]

After doing this Bible Study with my kids - they want to obey!

My Kids Want to Obey (with link up)

My kids want to obey. I know that is truly their hearts. Yet, as parents, we have to teach them – using God’s Word- what that actually looks like. If there is one thing me and my mommy friends talk about the most, it is getting our kids to obey. Not to just obey because […]

Whipped Pumpkin Spread

Whipped Pumpkin Spread

¬† We are in the middle of all things pumpkin and this Whipped Pumpkin Spread is a great way to add a little fall flavor to your favorite roll, muffin or bread. I don’t know about your house, but as I stated before, we love pumpkin here. I stock up in the fall on canned […]

Four beautiful parables in one classic treasury.

Parable Treasury Review and Giveaway

Parables are amazing short stories that use every day things to teach a heavenly principle. Yet, these stories are some of my favorite in scipture because they let me into the heart of my Father. They show His creativity. Liz Curits Higgs shares some new parables in her Parable Treasury that help children see God […]

You might have heard the terms adoption match - but had no clue what that means. Come find out more!

What is an Adoption Match

We are waiting on an adoption match. When people ask about where we are in our adoption process, that is the basic answer we give them – we are still waiting on a match. However, that is lingo that you might not understand if you are not in adoption world, so I thought I would […]

Give your children the gift of the studying God's Word with this Kids Study Bible

NKJV Study Bible For Kids

Teaching our kids to love God’s Word is a passion of mine. I want my children to love God’s Word, to get into God’s Word each day. I don’t think our kids are ever to young to start teaching them to dig into God’s Word. I was so excited to get to review the NKJV […]

Adoption is a hard process- and God has used it in my life as part of His Sanctification process in me!

How Adoption Has Helped Sanctify Me

Sanctification. The process in which Christians become more like Christ. It is a life long process- and it doesn’t come easy. I have found that God has used many things in my sanctification¬†process- my wait for a spouse, my marriage, my parenting. Yet, lately the thing He has been using the most is our adoption […]

Thanksgiving is a great time to read and do unit studies with your children. Here are 20 plus Thanksgiving Books for the young reader- and one other resource I love!

20+ Thanksgiving Books for the Young Reader

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I love homeschooling through the holidays because there are so many great activities and books that you can connect to other areas of your child’s learning! As I was digging out our Thanksgiving books, and making a list of some to check out from the library, I thought that […]

With Adoption, the wait is long. However, we can use that time to worship God and to know Him in a more intimate way.

Worship Through Your Adoption Wait {With Playlist!}

Worship and waiting. The two concepts seem to go against each other- yet truly, they go hand in hand. The times in my life where I have truly learned to worship God, and the sacrifice that it is, have come in some of my hardest waits. Waiting is a place that God brings us so […]

Are you looking to be successful in blogging? These are two tools I have used that have been the key to success in blogging!

Two Tools for Blogging Success

I get emails on a weekly basis about a lot of things. Marriage, raising kids, adoption, questions about God’s Word. However, never in a million years did I think I was going to get emails about blogging. Blogging. Yes, you heard that right. I get mutliple emails a week on blogging. How do you start […]

We need to move when God moves- and stay still when God stays .

When God Moves {Numbers 9}

Have you ever had a moment when God told you to move? A moment that spoke so loudly into your life that it seemed like time and earth stood still, and nothing was going to move until you obeyed. God was moving – and you knew you had to move with Him. What about those […]