Imprinting Easter 365

Easter is something we should imprinting on our hearts every day of the year.

Since I have become a mother, I look at holidays through different lenses.  There are multiple holidays celebrated and observed yearly in the US and add to that number, the holidays we have collected in other countries we have lived- we easily could have a holiday celebration weekly! When I stop and think of the holidays I remember the most as a kid- Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving rank high on the list.  … Continue reading

Are You Dependable?

Dependability is so important- are you dependable?

Dependable is defined as trustworthy and reliable. In the Bible the word faithful means dependable. We want others to see us as trustworthy and faithful don’t we? We don’t want them to not be able to rely on us to do what we are suppose to do. “The master was full of praise. ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so … Continue reading

Living in His Promises

living in His promises

  Lately, I have been up against a lot: Cancer scare (I am cancer free by the way!! ::excited::) Financial struggles Relationship setbacks Wedding drama The list goes on… But throughout it all I have had one thing keeping me going: the promises of God. He has made promises in my life that I cannot and will not ignore. When I gave my life to God He made a pact … Continue reading

Clean Your Heart Before Your Home

This spring, are you focused on your heart or your home?

Spring is here- and so we hear about “spring cleaning” everywhere. It is intensified in my home as we prepare for baby – the nesting has been in full force. Each day, we move a little farther from winter, and a little closer to spring – and with spring, comes Easter. I have been convicted lately about how much time we spend preparing our homes for spring, but not preparing … Continue reading

When Trouble Comes Knocking (With Link Up!)

Remembering the works of God

Where or to whom do you run to when trouble comes knocking in your life? Just because we are children of God does not make us exempt from the troubles of this life. I’ve come to learn when trouble comes knocking on my door to run straight to my Heavenly Father. Learning to console and strengthen myself with the Word of God and through prayer have been two of the … Continue reading

Spring: The Time to Grow Yourself

Challenge yourself this spring to take some time to grow in an area of your life!

Spring is just around the corner and we’re quickly finishing up the first quarter of the year. It is time for me to start getting my garden cleaned up and in order and start thinking of fun ways to be outside. Nature, gardening and my daughter’s third birthday started getting me thinking about growing myself this month too. My theme for this year is “self-care” and it is time to … Continue reading

Springtime Salad With Poppy Seed Dressing


  It was a cold and dreary day.  The temperature was dropping and there was snow on the ground.  It was nearing lunchtime and I needed something that reminded me of warmer air and children playing outside.  This Springtime Salad With Poppy Seed Dressing did the trick. I like to garden and have made many salads with my fresh spinach and strawberries.  Which, of course, is in the spring and … Continue reading

The Storm And The Calmer (When Adoption Gets Rough)

We go through storms - Jesus Calms them all.

A storm rages in every one of our lives at one point or another. Each storm looks different. Each storm brings about a different type of emotion or attitude inside of us. Yet, one thing that is true of every storm- is the One who brings us through them – and the One who calms the storm. I shared about our exciting call, and than about when we me met … Continue reading

Meeting the Birth Mother (Adoption Update)

The day we met our Birth Mother

Meeting a birth mother is probably the most nerve racking thing I have ever done in my entire life. More than meeting my husband for the first time, the day I got married, or starting a new job. We got the call on a Wednesday – and had to wait 9 days. Some of the longest 9 days of my life (or so I thought!). In the week that followed, I had … Continue reading

Quieting our Minds to Focus on Him (With Link UP!)

We must keep our minds quit to focus on Christ

Our minds.  They are brilliantly designed.  Did you know…  New brain connections are formed every time you create a memory. When awake, your brain produces enough electricity to power a 25 watt light bulb. Everyday you have over 700,000 thoughts. With a plethora of thoughts racing through our minds everyday, it is important that what we choose to center our thoughts on, are focused on Him. Meditate on these things; … Continue reading