As parents, we need to teach our kids to stand up for themselves. Without being overly aggressive. We need them to balance this trait. Try these 3 tips!

Parents today are at an impasse.   We are less inclined than ever to shove our kids into tense situations with trite, “Stand up for yourself!” platitudes.   Standing up for oneself can be tricky.  We know.  We’re parents.  We’ve had years of doing it wrong ourselves.   We’ve been known to come at it […]


1 Way Your Home Can Become a War Room

I usually wear headphones when I clean my house. I will listen to historical documentaries, music, or sermons on YouTube to turn the monotonous task into something enjoyable. But one day the thought came to me: What if I used that time to pray over my home and family? How would it change the atmosphere […]

As parents of boys, we are at an impasse. We want to raise men - but our culture has the definition all wrong. Let's raise our boys to be men! Here are three tips, based on God's Word and the life of Joseph - that will be an encouragement and a tool for you!

Big Boys Do Cry (The Bible Tells Us So)

Parents today are at an impasse. We want to help our boys- our sons- to express themselves without rising up a crew of feeble cherubs who bawl indiscriminately. That’s not easy.  However, parents should face it that growing the human race up strong and straight includes tears.  It always has. Big Boys DO cry: Case in […]

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Intentional Character Training

If there is one thing I want to be sure that my kids have, it is good character. Our world today is declining morally, and high character qualities are declining with it. I know that in order to train my children to have good character, I need to be intentional in doing so. Character Starts […]


5 Last Minute Curriculum Ideas

The last minutes of summer are here- and now, we are really trying to narrow down and get ready for our homeschool year. Yet, if I am honest, there is still organization that needs to be done – and yes, there are a few holes in the curriculum for the year. Just in case you […]

Tips for Homeschooling Boys

Tips for Homeschooling Boys

Boys. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them.This will be our first year homeschooling our older son – and we have another one coming down the line!So, I reached out to some homeschool mamas and got some great tips for homeschooling boys!  If you have never homeschooled boys, it’s important to note that they […]

Are you a good listener of the Word of God? Do you struggle when it comes to actually doing what you hear? You are not alone, my friend. Let's do more than hear.

More Than Hearers Only

It takes work  to be a good listener. To hear the words that are being said. There are times when we can hear words- but not process them. We choose to hear- but not obey. The book of James reminds us that we need to be more than hearers only – we need to be […]

Trials are going to come. It isn't a maybe - it is a definite. However, how we deal with the trials can be profitable. Wondering how to use the hard times in your life as a stepping stone of faith?

The Profit of Trials

We all face trials. It is one thing that every one of us have to deal with at one time or another. Yet, it is how we deal with these trials that matters. Trials are hard, but they can be profitable. It is time to look at them through the light of faith, and the […]

Living Out Faith

Living Out Faith: The Book of James

“Live out your faith. You may be the only Bible some people will ever read.” Have you ever heard someone say that? I have heard it many times. I will admit, at first, I struggled with that concept. I felt like I had to live my life out perfectly in order to lead others to […]

Salvation and Eternity are two main ideas of the Christian faith. Write out scripture and take your quiet time to a new level as we study these important truths from the Word of truth!

August Scripture Writing Challenge: Salvation and Eternity

I love to go back and study the basics of our Christian faith. Salvation and Eternity are two of the things I really like to wrap my brain around. These topics are crucial to our Christian walk- and that is why we are going to be focusing on them for our scripture writing challenge this […]


Finish Summer Strong

It is hard to believe that summer is just about over. I don’t know about you, but my summer sure did fly. As we are walking toward the end of the summer days, we want to make sure that we finish summer strong. Here are 4 ways to finish the summer strong – and give […]

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20 Back To School Breakfasts

The kids are heading back to school soon, so it’s time to start thinking of some yummy breakfast options for them. Just a bowl of cereal and milk seems to be on the way out as far as being the go-to choice for mornings. There are plenty more choices for delicious options. I’ve gathered together […]

Back to school stuff is out. It is really easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to begin! Here are some ways to rock your back to school shopping!

How to Rock Back to School Shopping

Even though it’s still Summer, back to school shopping is right around the corner and it’s time to start preparing for it! If you’re trying to stick to a budget this year, there’s a few tips you can follow to rock your back to school shopping and still get lots of great stuff! Follow these […]

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Making a Plan: Life Planner {Homeschool and Mom Editions!}

Planning. I love a good planner. So much, that I have several. I have found some I really love. Yet, there is always an aspect that is missing. There is always something else that I need- and so I search the web looking for a printable or yet another planner to make it work. However, […]

Having a bad day? We all do sometimes! How do you turn a bad day around? These 9 ways are sure to help!

9 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day

How do you turn a bad day around? I aim to choose to go through life looking for the good to praise, instead of pointing out the things there are to criticize. I always try to choose to believe the best about others, even when I sometimes want to be frustrated and hurt. I don’t […]

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4 Free Backyard Fun Ideas

It can be a lot of fun to spend time with your family in the backyard. However, you might feel like you don’t have any good, fun ideas for hanging out. You’re not alone, as many families are strapped for ideas. We live in a fast-paced world where people just don’t get the time to […]