Valentine Day is almost upon us, and these fun holidays are a great time to include hands on learning – especially for those young learners! My daughter is counting down every day (it might help that her birthday is the day before!) I have been using the upcoming holiday as an opportunity- it provides many […]

Focus Feature

A Clear Focus in Prayer

My kids love to go to 3-D movies. I am not sure if it is the fun glasses or the way that the movie comes alive, but they really like it. We don’t get to do it very often because they are more expensive – but every once in a while we will splurge for […]

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Scripture Memory Challenge for Families: Love Is

Have you been wanting to memorize scripture as a family? I know that one of our families goals is to disciple our children. This means to raise them to not just know Scripture – but to truly be followers of Jesus Christ. In order to do this, it is going to require us to intentional […]


Scripture Writing Challenge for February {For Kids too!}

Did you love the January Scripture Writing Challenge? I did! I got so much “happy email” from you all saying how much you loved writing scripture each day!  This month, we are going to focus on Love! We are going to do things a little different this month. Since the daily emails (at this time) were […]

Suffering. What is it. Where does it come from? Why does it happen? What can we do to help those who are suffering?


Suffering isn’t always the result of sin. Sin always results in suffering, but sufferings isn’t always a result of sin. We don’t understand why bad things happen to good people. So, we wonder if the people who are suffering are really good. Then, we look at stories like Job. Job was suffering because he was […]

The Wisdom of God has been a big theme so far in 2016 - come and find out why it is so important!

The Wisdom of God

It doesn’t seem to matter where I turn – the Wisdom of God has been a key phrase so far in 2016. I am learning so much about God’s wisdom – and it is taking me deeper in my walk with Him. I am learning about God on a new level – and it has […]

Do you ever feel like your prayer life is running out of gas? Not sure where to get more fuel? Come find out how to make your prayer life sizzle!

The Fuel of Prayer

Have you ever run out of gas while driving? I have. It isn’t a lot of fun. I once had a car that had the gas gauge broken. I didn’t know the gauge was broken until the car just stopped moving. I was riding along, singing to the radio, on my way my destination, when […]

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More Than Knowledge

Is knowledge all this is required to truly have a relationship with the Lord? Is knowledge what is needed to help a friend who is hurting? There is a balance to knowledge, and it is faith. Just today, I had the greatest experience. Our youngest little one surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. We have […]

A family friendly link up at Worshipful Living

Worshipful Wednesday Link Up

  We had some great post link up with us last week at Worshipful Wednesday! The post that had the most attention last week was: 6 Reasons We Won’t Move Forward in 2016 by Rosilind from A Little R&R. What a powerful post! My personal fave for the week was  Mama, What You “Just” do […]

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Don’t Forget: The Importance of Writing Down Prayer

It has been six years. Six years since I have been able to talk to her. Six years since I have heard my voice. My grandmother was one of the most phenomenal women I have ever known. If we are blessed with a daughter- I plan to name her after her. In my mind, I […]

Feature Wait

What Does it Mean to Wait Upon the Lord?

Today, I am blessed to share a guest post from my sweet friend Dawn from Above the Waves.  I know you will be as blessed as I am by her words. Dawn writes: “but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be […]

Suffering Feature

The Number One Thing Your Suffering Friend Needs {Job 6-10}

It is hard when people we love suffer. We want to fix it – because we don’t want them to suffer. We don’t understand why suffering happens to those we love. What do those that are suffering really need from us? There is one thing they need, and it isn’t what you think. The Number […]

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2 Things I Leave on my Counter Every Day

Every day, I leave two things on my counter. Both are books. Both are open. Both give me direction for my life. My Bible and My Planner. No matter where you find me, you will always find me with two books. My Bible and My Planner. They might not always be the same Bible and Planner […]

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A Call to War

I was sitting in the middle of the living room floor. Work out pants on, coffee sitting on the coffee table. Outside the door, it was still dark. But I was down on my knees, and I was fired up. My fist hit the floor with each forceful battle cry: You will not take my […]

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When Testing Comes

There have been moments in life that have felt like everything was falling apart. Where I have cried out to God- where I have asked why. Where I feel like the testing can not get anymore intense – and then it does. Those moments – where do we run? In those moments, who we are […]


Grace for the Moment Devotions for Kids and Adults

Do you need grace? I need Grace every single moment. The way I find grace is through spending time in the very presence of God. Teaching our kids to spend daily time in the Word is important- so that they can live in His grace each moment as well. I want my kids to love […]