Bible verses to reassure you when you wonder “am I enough?”

bible verses to reassure you when you start to wonder "am I enough?"

I’ve been struggling with being stretched too thin lately. Being a mom and a wife; a cook, taxi and accountant; being me. I have a need to be everything to everyone while being true to myself. My daughter’s birthday just passed and my anniversary is coming up and I started thinking: “am I enough for them?” Can you relate? Do you start second guessing yourself, your abilities, your worth? Do … Continue reading

A Sweet Smell (Leviticus 1)

The burnt offerings were a sweet smell to the Lord- our sacrifices can be a sweet smell to the Lord too.

There is nothing better then the sweet smell of cookies baking in the oven. My mouth waters as I think about it. Even as I type these words – I can smell cookies in my oven. What makes it even sweeter is that my daughter decided she wanted to make these cookies all on her own for her daddy and I. She worked hard to make those cookies- and they … Continue reading

Modesty and My Teenage Daughter

Helping our girls learn about modesty is important

Shopping with my teenage daughter is one of my favorite task. Over the last few years, she has gotten a fun taste of fashion, she is thrifty, and I think she is one of the most beautiful girls on the planet. However, shopping with my teenage daughter can be one of the hardest task EVER – because modesty and teenage culture don’t always go hand in hand. I am a … Continue reading

Teaching Our Children To Help

We need to teach our children to be responsible- and that starts by teaching them to help in the home

Spring Cleaning got done in our home in March. We focused on a room a day – detailing each room. It took us about a week to clean the house, but when it was done, it was so worth it! Our children were a huge help to us in getting things done- and they have been a big help in keeping things tidy! I am not the only one who lives … Continue reading

Perfect Provision {Deut 2:7 link up}

Perfect Provision

” But, I want it!”  the sound resounded off the walls and the room fell silent.  Two boys were wrestling down the hallway, attempting to pry a 2 inch connector piece from the clutches of the other.  As their uncoordinated acrobatics ended into the side of the couch, the passion behind the words became stronger in volume and emotion.  They both desperately wanted the coveted blue hero factory connector that … Continue reading

Leviticus: A Call to Holiness

Leviticus is one of the hardest books to read in all of scripture- and it has one of the most practical, yet hardest lessons- holiness.

The message of Leviticus can be found in the two key verses of the book: For I am the Lord your God. You shall therefore consecrate yourselves, and you shall be holy; for I am holy. Neither shall you defile yourselves with any creeping thing that creeps on the earth.  For I am the Lord who brings you up out of the land of Egypt, to be your God. You … Continue reading

Teaching Her About Modesty

Teaching our daughters about modesty is something that should be done sooner than later when it is to late.

Growing up I was raised primarily by my grandmother. She was and still is a strong spiritual influence of mine. Early on in my life she taught me the firm Biblical truths about how girls and women were suppose to dress and act. It was because of that I always said that if I ever had a daughter she would also learn the same truths. Fast forward far to many years … Continue reading

From Culottes to Yoga Pants…

When it comes to the hot topic of modesty, I'm thinking it's more about motive than the actual clothes...

My daughter is the most confident young woman I know when it comes to clothing. I hope you’ll humor me for just a moment and let me tell you about my 14 year old not-so-girly girl. I very rarely talk about my kiddos or mothering when I blog, but I feel like there is something fantastic that we could all learn from her. Here’s what I want you to know: … Continue reading

The Three A’s of Modesty

Modesty has three main components - that go beyond what we wear

When the topic of modesty comes up  – everyone runs to the conversation of clothes. While clothes is a huge part of the topic, it is more than that. It goes into our attitude, our actions, and our apparel.   The constant topic with modesty is about apparel. Although I totally understand that is the outward manifestation – and what usually leads to the physical or internal issues, it isn’t where modesty … Continue reading

4 Life Lessons I Want My Girls To Learn from Cinderella

Life lessons for all young girls from Cinderella

We don’t go to many movies – mainly because of the cost for a family of five. However, this season, there have been a couple of good ones that Scott and I thought the kids would enjoy. During Spring Break, our little guy went out of town with his granddad, leaving just us girls at home. So, I had heard so many good things about the new Cinderella movie, I … Continue reading