We Can’t Afford to Have Spiritual ADD

This is what Spiritual A.D.D. is and why we need to reject it!

“Quit beating a dead horse!” The voice kept saying to me. And I listened. Soon after the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states, I wrote a series of posts about why it mattered for us and what our response should be. My dad, who is also a blogger, has written extensively on the subject, as well as on tolerance in the body of Christ. He … Continue reading

The Power of Prayer: War Room – The Movie

War Room is an amazing movie on the power of prayer. Go see it SOON!

Prayer is such a powerful thing. Every day, when you look at the news and the world around us, we see that our world is getting darker and darker, and that sin is running crazy. From Ashley Madison, Planned Parenthood and shootings galore, we can see that our world needs help. There is only one thing that will change the direction of our nation – of this world- and that … Continue reading

Dynamic Faith: Acts Fall Bible Study

Dynamic Faith

Dynamic Faith. I have always wanted my faith to be something I was known for. I want to live boldly for my faith in a way that sets me apart from those around me. Dynamic faith requires action, dedication, and trust. When I thought of dynamic faith in the Bible, my mind immediately turned to Acts. This year, I have taken faith steps. I have left my job when we … Continue reading

Back To School Fun Pack Printable

Here is a fun pack of back to school fun - free for subscribers!

School is in full swing here! We are one week in – and we are loving the consistency of our routine! However, that doesn’t mean the back to school fun has to stop quite yet!   Back to school fun and keep on happening with this great back to school printable kit, made by Britt exclusively for subscribers here at Worshipful Living! In this pack you will find the following: … Continue reading

Rolled Cheesecake Bites

Try these yummy rolled cheesecake bite!

What a Mama won’t do for a child. Our 13 year old was returning home the day I made these Rolled Cheesecake Bites.  Ryan had been gone at IFCA Youth Convention for a week. Yes, a week. {Sniff} He is an independent child; not really needing me for a lot of things. Whereas his siblings require a few more phone calls home when they are visiting Grandma’s. Ryan had received … Continue reading

Our Homeschool Schedule (With Printable)

Getting a homeschool schedule down is a big key for a successful school year! Here is ours - I hope it brings you great ideas! Plus, a printable to help you organize your homeschool schedule.

Getting a schedule down is hard- especially if you are working on a homeschool schedule. From deciding when your school year will begin and end (and all the breaks in between) – and then deciding how the day is going to run the best – it can leave you exhausted at the end of the day. However, after running the schedule for a few days, it begins to feel more … Continue reading

Characteristics of a Heart Sister {Chapter 10}

The past few weeks we have delved deeper into the world of friendship, hanging onto the up and downs of sisterhood,  and refining our perspective of friendship.  My heart has been touched and I hope yours has been too, as we’ve read through Heart Sisters! The ideal equation to success in friendships doesn’t come from the world or media.  The facades fall fast when we try to elevate those ideals.  … Continue reading

Our First Day Of School 2015

Our first day Back to School 2015

The first day of school for 2015-2016 is in the books. Our day went well, and the only one who really cried was Mama. With a freshman in high school and my boy heading off to middle school – and then topping off with our first “official” year of homeschooling – it left me a little emotional. Here is how our day went! I started my day out with time in the … Continue reading

A Prayer for Back to School

Praying for our children as they go back to school

Summer is officially over. The youngest is tucked into her bed, the middle is getting cleaned up, and my oldest is wondering what to wear tomorrow. The backpacks are ready for the older two, and the homeschool room is ready for the youngest. We had a great day in our PJ’s and just soaking in summer. Homemade Pizza is cooked and cleaned up – and the house is now quiet … Continue reading

School Shopping With Ease: Three Easy Tips

Try these three tips for back to school shopping with ease

School shopping is not easy. The lists are long (and expensive) and we also have to deal with crowds, complaining, and lines, lines, lines! This year, I decided to make it a little easier- and with these three simple steps- you can too! School Shopping With Ease – Tip 1 – Shop Online The one thing that will make it easier is to not deal with the crowds! If you … Continue reading